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Art Direction | Graphic Design | Video production | OOH | Digital

In 2022, I worked as part of the creative team responsible for developing a new video strategy for the New York Aquarium. Our main goal was to increase awareness about the aquarium among New Yorkers and celebrate its reopening. After conducting research, we found that many locals had no knowledge of the aquarium's existence or its location. To address this, we chose to market the aquarium as "a whole new neighborhood just waiting to be explored." I worked closely with the team to not only create the visuals but also to develop the messaging and overall strategy. While on set, I gained valuable insights into the production process and assisted our directors in bringing our creative vision to life. Ultimately, we were able to produce 6 videos during a one-day shoot.

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Director/Producer/Editor: Brandon Hugo Arroyo
DP: Alan McIntyre Smith

Creative Director: Eric Rojas

Art Directors: Kamil Szczepaniak & Reed Gibson

Art Direction

In the video we want to establish a sense of place with imagery that presents the exhibits in interesting ways, borrowing from the visual styles of the city itself — introducing the aquarium as a key part of the city and the next great urban exploration destination. 

Additional shots highlighting reactions and expressions of the visitors, will allow us to establish a sense of wonder, seeing guests (big and small) as they engage with their marine wildlife neighbors from the deep blue sea, all while focusing on the interesting shapes, colors, or unique behaviors and facts that add to their wonder.


Along with the video, we launched a 360 campaign promoting the immersive exhibit. I designed billboards, posters, and digital assets like banners and social media posts.

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