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"Wieliczka" Salt Mine

Each year, more than 1.7 million tourists from around the globe flock to this priceless monument. As a top-tier tourist attraction, it deserves a significant social media presence with numerous engaged followers. However, at the start of our collaboration, the main Facebook page only had 35,000 followers. By crafting informative and captivating content, I successfully attracted a new audience and increased the page's following by over 150,000.

My responsibilities included:

  • Managing the community and responding to up to 2000 comments every month.

  • Creating content, including copywriting and graphic design.

  • Generating monthly reports.


Social media | Copywriting | Design |
Community Management


Wieliczka Salt Mine


2018 - 2020


Content examples

Tap the image to see the engagement on Facebook.


Over the course of two years, I collaborated with UNESCO World Heritage "Wieliczka" Salt Mine and helped to increase their Facebook followers by an impressive 400%. Our content consistently reached an audience of over 1,000,000 people each month, with 700,000 of those reached organically.

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